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Plan of the Day

The Plan of the Day is an official document of the Flathead Composite Squadron. Its contents reflect current orders of the Squadron Commander and official unit announcements. All cadets are responsible for reading and understanding the information contained herein. Parents and guardians of cadets are encouraged to read the Plan of the Day and to make note of meeting days and special announcements that may affect personal schedules.  


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Dress Blues Uniform Requirements: Cadets may wear Class A’s or B’s, whichever they choose. All Blues Uniforms must have all required awards, ribbons, nameplates and grade insignia. Cadets may ‘short stack’ their ribbons on Class B’s. Flight cap is mandatory. Polish your shoes. NOTE: If a cadet does not yet have blues, then BDU/ABU is acceptable.

Showing up with your CAP ID Card is mandatory.

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